Thursday, 29 May 2014

Update from Emma, AKA Steve's Wife

Hi there, Steve has asked me to do an update, not really sure why but here goes...
Only a couple of weeks to go, and I think Steve has realised how much organising this is going to take. He's quite happy with the running bit, it's the logistics that he leaves to the last minute. Jane came round yesterday and did her best to sort him out.
Jane: 'have you got someone to help on each leg?'
Steve: 'I think most of them'
Jane: 'do they know which leg they are doing'
Steve: 'Probably not'
Jane: 'do you think you should tell them?
Steve:  'OK I'll try'
I don't know what we would do without Jane. Steve now has a to do list which I think he is working through, he asked my advice on setting up a twitter account yesterday which is a good start although not very helpful as I am hardly an expert. I have to somehow work out what food he needs to take, where and when I can meet him (bearing in mind I will be looking after 3 children who won't appreciate being dragged out of bed at 3am), how I am going to wash 24 sets of smelly running gear, how I will manage all this around getting the children to school, going to work (I work 5 days a week for the Lake District National Park, I can take some days leave, but not the full week), helping out at our eldest child's residential, looking after various people who may or may not be staying with us at the time and trying to coordinate who has to be where when. Meanwhile the house is descending into complete chaos, Hannah says she would like to live in a new house 'without dirty bits in it' mmm, maybe it's time to stop writing and get on with some other stuff.....

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