Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Keswick Mountain Festival

Last year at the Keswick Mountain Festival I gave a talk in a tipi in the Festival Village whilst at the same time Joss Naylor MBE was talking at the Theatre by the Lake. It is funny how things have changed after my Wainwrights run, I have moved up the billing, and this year I twice shared the stage with Joss at the Theatre by the Lake with two very large and enthusiastic audiences. It was a pleasure and privilege to share the stage with the legendary Joss Naylor with Claire Maxted from Trail Running magazine doing an excellent job hosting both sessions.

I had talked to Claire and Joss about the sessions beforehand and we had a rough idea that Joss would talk for 10-15 minutes about his Wainwright run, then I would talk for 10-15 minutes about mine  (highlighting the differences and similarities) and then we would answer questions from Claire and the audience. But I had no idea how it was really all going to work which made me a bit nervous on the first night. However, it all seemed to go reasonably smoothly. A lot of people commented on our different styles: I need a presentation with pictures and film to talk around and I answer questions precisely, whereas Joss is happy just to talk, tell some great stories, and go off at a tangent, for example talking about his dogs.

After we finished talking a long queue formed to see Joss and get his autograph (Joss is obviously the star of the show!!). Some people also asked for mine, which I still cannot get used to or quite understand, but it is nice that they want it. Claire did a great job collecting money for mine and Joss' charities. Also Peter Knowles from Rivers Publishing was giving Wainwrights maps away for a £10 donation. Overall Claire collected over £400 for Joss and my charities and Peter collected over £1000 for community Action Nepal (CAN). So thank you for everyone who donated.

Normally I donate to MS charities as my sister has MS. This time I will give the donations together with my speakers fee to CAN, as there is obviously considerable suffering and hardship in Nepal at the moment.

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