Friday, 30 December 2016

Ups and Downs

I was warned. Friends who have also had chronic fatigue told me that as I recovered there would be a general upwards path but I would have some downs on the way. That is exactly what has happened.

I competed in the OMM (Original Mountain Marathon – formally known as the KIMM) at the end of October, where I was dragged round the elite class by Neil Talbott. 13 hours of hard running through some of the UK toughest terrain, was tough and considering my lack of training I was very happy that we finished 5th. I felt physically tired afterwards but the symptoms of my chronic fatigue did not reappear. Within a few days I was back running again. Throughout November I started to feel better and better. I was running longer distances and did about 8 hour training a week for 3 weeks. I did some orienteering events and although my navigation was rubbish my running speed was gradually improving. My mind was also finally clear, I could sit at my desk at 9am ready for work. I was really productive and able to multi-task for the first time in 18 months. Basically at the end of November I felt completely back to normal.

Then it hit me again. The ‘brain fog’ reappeared. I am not sure what the trigger was.  I had done a couple of long, hard runs during the week before (I was enjoying the beautiful snowy weather).  I also had a stressful event a couple of days before where I got quite annoyed. Then I competed in an orienteering event, followed by going round a shorter course with one of my children and collecting controls in quickly (all without any food). I thought the ‘brain fog’ would last only a few days but a month later I still do not feel right (this is despite only a very small amount of alcohol over the Christmas period). I am struggling to concentrate and after running for about 40 minutes I start to feel light headed. But the great thing about doing a blog is I can look back and see how much I have progressed over the last 12 months. What 2017 will bring with regards to my fatigue is impossible to say but if I can go out running or walking regularly in the fells then I will be happy. 

I hope anyone who reads this has a great 2017. 

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