Friday, 20 June 2014

A Message from Hilary - aka Steve's younger sister

Like many of you I have been addicted to the tracker this week, as one person has said it is far better than the football. But I have also developed a minor addiction to what Steve's Just Giving pages are saying. I am thrilled by the amounts that have been donated and I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to each and everyone of you that has made a donation in recognition of Steve's amazing endeavours this week.

The Samson Centre plays a key part in my life, delivering physiotherapy and a host of other therapies and support, and keeping me as active and mobile as possible. It's annual running costs are in the region of £200k so this kind of donation total makes a big difference to the centre. The MS society and it's branch network around the country ensures that all patients have access to the support and information they need to manage life with MS, and all donations are key to allowing this to happen.

The other pleasure I have got from the Just Giving pages is reading all the donation messages. The superlatives of awesome, amazing, incredible, inspirational, astonishing, phenomenal and a whole host of others are written with such regularity that I hope Steve eventually gets round to reading some of them too and see what an impact this last week has had on so many people.

Thank you aswell to everyone that has been part of the support crew that has been with Steve this week. A massive team effort I know and I am sure Steve will be the first to recognise that. Well done in particular to Emma for being there every step of the way this week with Steve whilst also trying to maintain a normal (?) family life - don't know how you have done it.

So congratulations to my brother (though as I write this he has approximately 3 hours left on the fells) on an achievement that deserves all the recognition it is getting, and finally thank you to Steve for choosing to support my two MS charities. Very proud of you bruv!



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  1. Hi Hilary

    Just got back to Manchester from watching your brother run in to the finish. What a privilege to see history being made. Hope the donations keep coming as word spreads

    Very best wishes to you and the Sampson Centre