Sunday, 15 June 2014

Day 2 Update

Steve arrived at the Ennerdale about 45 minutes behind his schedule at 03:00 ish this morning having ran the 3rd leg with Andy Bradley, Nic Barber and Richard Suddaby. It was very midgy and Steve dived straight into the campervan to get some sleep and eat. Apparently he was dehydrated from the first days effort in the warm weather.

Unfortunately the two hour planned rest did not go to plan and Steve could neither sleep or keep any food down and he felt fairly despondent about his situation knowing he needed both quality sleep and food to keep going. Fortunately his wife Emma was on hand for some TLC.

At 05:05 this morning Steve set off again. With Richard McGrath, Andy Bradley, Tom Brunt and Bill Williamson as the support runners on leg 4. Bill Williamson had been sleepping nearby in his tent and in the rush to get off, no one remembered to wake him, so Bill had a late start and need to chase after Steve and other runners.

Above: Support Team at Wasdale

The support team drove round to Wasdale were Steve and team were due at 11:58 this morning. The support team arrived early and where able to organise all their kit at YHA Wasdale, who also allowed them all to get showers afterwards, so many thanks YHA Wasdale! The team also set up the support point in the Rare Goats Farm and wanted to thank the farmer for allowing them this excellent if impromptu site.

Steve arrived only 15 minutes down on his schedule in Wasdale and had cut the schedule deficit by 30 minutes. Apparently he was running well, eating well and drinking well again.

There was also a great surprise waiting for Steve in Wasdale with his children, Mathew, James and Hannah waiting for him with fathers day cards and presents. Spirits are high again.

Steve is now running leg 5 with his sister Karen and her husband Dan Parker.

With the warm weather (i.e. more water is required) and Steve’s speed over the fells the support runners have found that a third runner makes life much easier for all and if any runners would like to support Steve please have a look at the support schedule on the right and look for the legs where Steve has only two supporters. If you would like to help, please contact Jane Saul on 07624417109 by TEXT to let her know your details and where you intent to help. Do bear in mind that Steve is averaging about 6 miles per hour over the fells though, so you’ll need to be able to keep up!


  1. Awesome work Steve! Looks like a good second wind. I'll see if I can dig out some additional support runners. Fantastic effort so far! Keep up the great work!

  2. Well done Steve! Im liking the second wind!!! Really routing for u!!!
    Its great being able to follow yr blog, thanks blogger keep the updates coming!

  3. Keep it up. Getting obsessed with the tracker and Blog!

  4. We hir Ennerdale at closer to 2a, so a bit up on schedule. Andy showed us some great lines up on the loweswater fells saving us some time and effort, though steve did throw up at one point but got going again well.
    Popped up to Scafell on Sunday and was within 2 mins of scheduled arival time. Descent off a bit hairy but stayed dry over the rocks to great end whrre I left him with his sister and brother-in-law and Cornyand Mark Roberts, who were with him from Scafell Pike to Blisco. Sone scafell pics on my twitter. Nic