Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Day 4 Overnight Update + Day 5 Morning Update

Steve left Kentmere yesterday with support runners Nick Ray, Nick Barber, Mark Roberts and Andrew Davies. They were joined later on by Gavin Bland. This team ran through to the next checkpoint at Martindale Church, arriving at midnight in ablaze of headtoreches and just 13 minutes down on Steve’s record breaking schedule (it is worth emphising that Steve’s schedule knocks about 11 hours off the current record!).

Arriving at Martindale, Steve was a little wobbly on his feet and clearly very tired having just spent the best part of the last 24 hours on the move. Nurse Mel was on hand to help Steve sponge wash before attending to his feet again, which are basically a mess. Emma, Steve’s wife was there for some TLC and brought some more homemade food. Jim Davies (Jim Davies Massage – Many thanks!) was on hand to massage Steve’s pulverized legs.

Steve’s support runners for leg 13 to Martindale again commented on how well Steve was moving once he got going and said that they had struggled to catch up if they stopped for adjust kit, collect water etc. Considering the caliber of the support runners this is very impressive. Steve would comment that his legs or feet were hurting but the consensus of the support runners was, “yes, umm… what did you expect!?”

At Martindale, Steve had 4 hours rest and managed to sleep fitfully for about 2 hours.

During the Tuesday the team received some great help from Angela Taylor (Side Farm, Patterdale) and Christine Kenyon (Grisedale Lodge, Patterdale). Both of whom arrived with food for Steve and the support runners at Kirkstone Pass in the morning and then helped sort through all the kit and refill water tanks at Side Farm. MANY THANKS.

Steve really hates midges and so stays hidden away in the campervan until 100% ready to go and then burst out. This morning at 0500 sharp the floors swung open and with breaking stride (well hobble) Steve set off on leg 14 to Patterdale. Apparently the support runners weren’t quite as ready as Steve and they all had to chase after him once they got sorted!

The support runners for leg 14 are Graham Watson, Kim Collinson and Jim Davies who all slept in a fleet of campervans at Martindale last night. I have spoken with Jim Davies after the team arrived in Patterdale and he described the leg, “Steve is moving very well after the first half hour and I would say he is pace is faster than 24-hour Bob Graham pace. I am really impressed with how well Steve is going. The first half hour is obviously very painful and slower and Steve complains about his sore feet and legs often, but then the complaining stops, the pace picks up and Steve is chatty and focused on the running. He is climbing strongly, a little slower on the descents and struggling with rough terrain. This is Steve’s 5th day of running and anyone covering this sort of distance will hurt from overuse injuries and there is very little that can be done about it. Overall, I feel positive and optimistic about Steve’s chances of breaking the record.”

Emma, Steve’s wife said, “I am only seeing him at his worst at each checkpoint and it sounds as though he picks up again once he is running. His knees are very sore and he is worried about the long legs through the Northern Fells tomorrow, which cross some rough ground”.

Steve arrived in Patterdale at 1000 this morning and Gillian and Tom Beggs from the Patterdale Post Office made their home available for Steve to have a shower before his battered feet were treated in their front room! Many thanks.

In the meantime, Ally from the White Lion pub allowed his car park to the base for the support vehicles and even found time to help fix camper van (he is also a mechanic). Many thanks again.

Steve left Patterdale at 1055 this morning with Kim Collinson and Bill Stewart (+ others?) in support.

The support crew on yesterday’s leg from Kentmere to Martindale, were Joyce Wolfindin and Alison Scott. Joyce helped with the logistics of ferrying support runners back to their vehicles and Alison, a local GP, was on hand to tailor Steve’s pain medication.John from Grisedale Lodge also arrived in Patterdale this morning with bacon butties and coffee for all the support crew, which was very gratefully received. Many thanks to you all.


  1. The words epic and awesome are overused nowadays, but what Steve is doing is both epic and awesome. Keep on keeping on Steve

  2. Please pass on to Steve how impressed and how much I and I assure others are rooting for him. I had to stope sneaking too many looks at the tracker at work.

  3. Agree with Mary - i hope he knows that the whole fellrunning fraternity are rooting for him :)

  4. Go Steve. Great respect for the support too.

  5. This is fantastic Steve, I've been glued to the tracker for days now. I can't switch off until I 'see you' safely tucked up in the overnight stop.
    Good luck