Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Day 4 Starts Early

Steve struggled to sleep last night after stopping at Rydal Hall because of pain in his knees and needed some help from doctor Alison who is part of the support team. Phil Davies arrived in the middle of the night to give Steve a massage to help with the sore knees and stiff back! An early start followed by more attention to Steve's feet from nurse Mel and Steve set off with support runners Chris Knowles, Jeff Powel Davis and Mark ? at 0115. Apparently the pain in knees eased as soon as Steve got moving. Steve had a big breakfast and set off with four pairs of socks for this mornings leg to Kirkstone Pass, in an attempt to keep his feet drier.

Steve arrived at Kirkstone Pass at 0730 this morning and stayed for about an hour. Apparently his feet "are all messed up" now but Phil Davies who started the next leg with Steve but returned after an hour said "he was going like train!"

Steve arrived at Grey Crag this morning at 10:31 bang on his original schedule.

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