Friday, 20 June 2014

Homeward Bound. A New Wainwright Record Beckons for Steve Birkinshaw

There were quite incredible scenes at Newlands Hause as Steve Birkinshaw arrived at 1800 this evening. He was accompanied by a huge posse of around 35 support runners who had joined him at various stages on the leg from Crummock Water.

Steve arrived 8 minutes ahead of his schedule despite being nearly two hours off it earlier in the day. It is a mark of Steve's experience and his careful planning that it looks as though his estimate of 2300 finish in Keswick tonight will be remarkably accurate.

To get this far Steve has already run 500km in the previous 6 days and climbed 208 Wainwrights. Right now, Steve has just 18km and 6 Wainwrights remaining to complete his record breaking run. With 214 Wainwrights in total Steve is 97% complete of an overall journey of 518km with an incredible 35,000m (yes, 35,000m!) of ascent.

At this checkpoint Steve was in a great mood and clearly delighted with the number of support runners who had turned out. He said, "My blisters aren't so sore anymore and I am getting a real boost running with friends and so many other well wishers". 

Steve's son Matthew asked what was his favourite Wainwright was. Steve's response; "The last one!"

Joss Naylor’s 1987 record of 7 days and 1 hour looks certain to be broken this evening with Steve due back in Keswick at 2311 tonight (according to his schedule) and with a new record of 6 days and 14 hours to boot...

...However, I'll make a prediction. I think Steve will be quicker as a huge number of runners, close to 50, left Newlands Hause with Steve and many others had said they will join him along the way. I am sure there will be massive reception for Steve waiting in Keswick.  The surge of adrenalin from running with all these people, and being so close to the finish will push Steve along faster and faster as the end approaches.

I think he will arrive around 2230 but please keep watching the tracker for the latest information. We think it will take him about 45 minutes from the summit of Cat Bells to the finish at Moot Hal.

We hope to see you there!

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  1. Hi, I took some pictures on the run from Buttermere to Newlands today, you should be able to see them here:

    Feel free to use them for anything you like.