Monday, 16 June 2014

Day Three Round Up and Photos from Days 1, 2 and 3

Steve arrived at Rydal Hall at 1945 this evening about 15 minutes up on his schedule. Considering he was 1h 40mins down when he set off this morning that is an amazing turnaround. He seemed a little faded but obviously in good spirits. On arrival our nurse Mel helped Steve sponge himself clean of the sweat and grime of hard day in the fells before attending to his poorly looking feet. He has matching blisters between his big and second toe on each foot and they are obviously sore. Support runners for the next leg (leg 10) Chris Knowles and Jeff Powel-Davis were all set to go but Steve has opted to bring forward his planned break and will now stop at Rydal Hall for 5 hours. 4 hours planned for sleeping and an hour set aside for eating and sorting his feet. They'll all be departing at 0100 on Tuesday morning.

Below are the pictures from the first three days. Sorry but I'll struggle to name the people, places or order. Clearly there has been some stunning weather on the fells.


  1. thanks for keeping us posted. We are addicted to watching at our house.
    keep going!

  2. Having been support crew for the first couple of days - I am in awe of what Steve is doing ! In fact the support and camaraderie is phenomenal and I wish him all the best and hope to see him at the finish ! also a quick word about Jane Saul who is managing the check points and support ! she has mirrored Steve sleep pattern and has been an unsung hero in supporting this challenge ! Good luck !

  3. Great updates, good luck steve we're all behind you (quite literally)!