Sunday, 15 June 2014

Support Runners Info

Date and Leg Number Checkpoint Start Support Runners confirmed okay Start Est. Start time Finish Est Finish time
Day 1  - Sat 14th June              
1 CP1 Paul Cornforth/Nicholas Barber NB,PC Keswick moot Hall 09:00 Borrowdale school 14:17
2 CP2 Schoffer/Malcolm Patterson(from honister 5pm)/Jim Mann SS/MP/Jim Mann Borrowdale school 14:22 Kirkstile Inn, Loweswater 22:30
3 CP3 Andy Bradley/ Nicholas Barber/Richard Suddaby NB,AB Kirkstile Inn, Loweswater 22:40 Ennerdale Water car park 02:20
Day 2  -Sun 15th June              
4 CP4  Bill Williamson,poss Richard McGrath, poss Andy Bradley (will see how far get),Tom Brunt BW/TB Ennerdale Water car park 04:20 Wasdale road nr YHA 11:58
5 CP5  Karen and Dan Parker, KDP Wasdale road nr YHA 12:08 Hard Knott Pass 20:58
6 CP6 unlikely  Chris Little/Ryan Wood /Peter Murphy,Steph Scott  PM/SS /RW Hard Knott Pass 21:03 Duddon Road above Stepping stones 22:59
Day 3 - Mon 16th June              
7 CP7 Chris Knowles,Ryan Wood ?/Peter Murphy CK,PM,RW Duddon Road above Stepping stones 02:59 Tilberthwaite Quarry Car Park 07:22
8 CP8 David Armstrong/Peter Murphy DA,PM Tilberthwaite Quarry Car Park 07:32 New Dungeon Gyll, Langdale 10:50
9 CP9 Ben Turner, David Armstrong BT,DA New Dungeon Gyll, Langdale 11:00 Rydal Church 19:55
10 CP10 Chris Knowles,Jeff PD CK,JPD Rydal Church 20:05 Kirkstone Pass Inn 04:07
Day 4 - Tuesday 17th June              
11 CP11  ,Andy Thompson ,AT,DW Kirkstone Pass Inn 08:07 Mortal Man Hotel, Troutbeck possibly layby on road before limefitt as pub car park limited 13:53
12 CP12 , Andy Thompson,poss Steph Scott ,AT,DW Mortal Man Hotel, Troutbeck , possibly layby before limefitt, as pub car park limited 14:03 Kentmere - High Lane 15:57
13 CP13 Nick Ray, poss Kim Collinson KC,NR Kentmere - High Lane 16:07 Martindale Church 00:13
Day 5 - Wednesday 18th June              
14 CP14 Bill Stewart , poss Kim Collinson KC,,BS Martindale Church 04:13 Patterdale nr hotel White Lion car park , next to post office 09:38
15 CP15 ,Bill Stewart , Kim Collinson KC,,BS Patterdale nr hotel ,White Lion car park, next to post office 09:48 Glenridding greenside mine road 15:02
16 CP16 Joe Faulkner, Syd Coxen, Richard Suddaby ,JF,RS Glenridding greenside mine road 15:12 Royal Dockray hotel 21:12
17 CP17 Chris Baynham- Hughes,Jeff PD CBH, JPD Royal Dockray hotel 21:22 Souther Fell Road NOW OLD A66 LAYBY 00:26
Day 6 Thursday 19th June              
18 CP18 Chris Baynham- Hughes,Jim Mann CBH, JM Souther Fell Road  NOW OLD A66 LAYBY 04:26 Mosedale road end (SP19) 08:46
19 CP19 Martin Indge, Chris Baynham-Hughes (all or to Great Cock -up !),Jim Mann MI,CBH ,JM Mosedale road end 08:56 Dodd Wood car park (SP20) 19:36
20 CP20 Lee Newton,Bill Stewart BS,LN Dodd Wood car park 19:46 Pheasant Inn (SP21) 23:19
Day 7 -Friday 20th June              
21 CP21 Howard Seal, Lee Newton HS,LN Pheasant Inn 03:19 Hobcarton car park - Whinlatter (SP22) 07:57
22 CP22 Paul Hainsworth,Sam Ware PH ,SW Hobcarton car park - Whinlatter 08:07 Rannerdale car park (SP23) 11:05
23 CP23 Sam Ware, Howard Leslie (1st part) SW/HL Rannerdale car park 11:15 Newlands Hause (SP24) 18:08
24 CP24 Ryan Wood (part),Ben Thompson,Chris Baynham -Hughes BT, CBH, Newlands Hause 18:18 Keswick moot Hall (SP1) 23:11

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