Saturday, 21 June 2014

Finished and recovering

This has been the most amazing week of my life. At times it was so painful and I have felt like giving up. But the reception I received in Keswick make it all worthwhile.

i am finding it hard to write and put everything into words. I get quite emotionally thinking about the entire journey. I would like to thank at team of around 100 people who have helped me in various ways during the week, without whom what I have achieved would have been impossible. so thank you everyone.I will write a proper thank you in my next blog.

Last night and today I have been sleeping and eating. sleeping has been helped by some painkillers to relieve the pain but it has still been a bit fitfull. I can hobble around the house very slowly. Everything is very swollen and it was quite a scary sight looking at my myself in the mirror for the first time in seven days.

Thanks everyone who has turned my dream into a reality.


  1. Glad to hear you are recovering. I was worried you might actually be in more pain when you started to rest. Well done on an amazing achievement, and on raising so much money to date. It was inspiring running with you. Vicky Ware

  2. Well done Steve, you've earnt every sense of achievement you must now be feeling! Thanks for the inspiration, had a great time running with you and the other supporters, Ryan.

  3. What an utterly incredible achievement for you Steve (and the support team), I felt overwhelmed just seeing the size of the map at the trail team weekend so to actually commit to such a project and see it through is amazing. Inspiring and motivating!