Thursday, 19 June 2014

Unsung Heros - The Support Crew

With much of the focus of Steve incredible run, it is easy to overlook the efforts of the support crew who are with Steve every step of the way... literally. I've tried to mention the runners with Steve on each leg but I haven't really mentioned the support team dealing with all the logistics at the support points.

When you start to reflect on the logistics of the challenge, that have to run seamlessly in the background, it is actually quite immense. So lets just reflect for a moment. First the support runners need transport from one end of each leg back to their vehicles (there are 3-5 support runners per leg), everyone needs feeding (at the support points and on the hill), Steve is constantly changing clothes, shoes and socks to minimise the damage to his body (this all needs to be with Steve, wherever he is and whenever he needs it). Berghaus, Steve's sponsors have provided dozens of boxes of kit and for each leg, Steve sets off in new clothes.

Whilst Steve is running each leg the support crew need to reposition, set up the 'pit stop', ensure there is sufficient water to refill Steve and all the support runners bottles, prepare bags of food for Steve and the support runners, prepare the kit for the next leg, ensure that the support runners have the right maps and know exactly where to go. I can ensure you that they are getting very little sleep... less than Steve is!

So, the support crew is master minded by Jane Saul with lots of help from many others including Charles Scott, Alison Scott, Alison Herbert, Elaine ?, Jean Sinclair, Joyce Wolfindin, Marcus Byron, Nurse Mel and many others who's names I have not yet managed to pick up. Of course, Emma, Steve's wife is there at most of the checkpoints to provide some TLC and Steve Mum, is also on hand. Its a great team all united to help Steve.

One caveat to this... some of the supports have asked not to be mentioned because they are skiving off work to help!

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